Experienced, Analytical, Problem Solver

Executive Level Leadership

A seasoned executive level leader with proven ability to define and implement strategic plans to achieve short and long term organizational growth and development.

Entrepreneur, multi-business owner, board member, independent consultant and contractor. Seasoned executive level leader with proven ability to define and install strategic plans. Helps companies solve problems of all type and scope. Driven to achieve short and long term organizational growth and development. Work with ownership groups including venture and private equity before and after investment.

A Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Oklahoma preceded jobs at two Fortune 500 companies before launching the first business venture.

Founder of 7 for-profit companies and 2 non-profits. The for-profits have been B2B and B2C companies. Software manufacturer, computer reseller, value added reseller, office products distributor, web and application development, ecommerce platform developer, strategic planning. Consulting and solution developer clients ranged the gamut of industries including: real estate, banking, office products, apparel, legal, retail. The non-profits are military history and STEM-HGC education program related.

CEO of InterNet Partners, Inc.. Provides consulting to assist in strategic planning, marketing strategies, and brand building in startup, growth or turnaround situations. Unlocks value in corporate data and applies to e-commerce vehicles for use in all segments of the business. Creates solutions following a methodology to ensure positive ROI called B2M2 (Brand, Build, Market, Measure).

Founder and Director of the Sons of Liberty Museum. Manages the operations of this non-profit. Creates STEM-HG education programs that align both military and commercial application. Establishes and maintains strategic partnerships. Public speaker on historical topics. Founder and Director, of a sister organization, the Army Air Corps Library and Museum.


  • Create Enterprise Web Presence. Architected the creation of web presence for a non-profit delivering over 550,000 unique web pages.
  • Stronger Brand, Organizational Growth. Increased the web traffic over 1000% for a manufacturer. Redefined brand, identity and marketing message. Directed strategies for customer service, retention, repeat sales, utilizing tools and accumulated corporate data. Architected the online application that executed these strategies and delivered corporate message. Results exceeded client's goals and expectations by polishing their image, boosting sales, opening new markets and servicing existing channels. This enhanced their industry leadership status and positioned them for long-term growth.
  • Large Organizational Growth. Designed strategies and created tools that refocused a factory-direct consumer product web site which enabled their business to grow 1250% over a 3-year period. As a startup, the business was delivering meager online sales. Implemented and managed a design change and content overhaul. Established a SEO and PPC marketing plan, resulting in a rapid roi delivering over $2000/day in online sales. Building upon designed strategies, in 3 years, sales exceeded over $750,000/month.
  • Branding Strategy and Immediate Results. Sharpened the brand of a consumer product company, architected and developed a vehicle to increase sales grown in online sales. Client experienced 100% growth in visitors 30 days after launch, validating my strategies and research.
  • Rapid ROI. Consulted as product manager assisting a client finish their permission marketing software product. This project was stalled, was going to exceed development budget and had fallen behind launch date promised to their clients. Re-tracked project, maintained tight budget and achieved launch on projected date. This enabled the client to achieve goals resulting in revenues and cash flow in one month after launch. Achieving early mover market position and accelerated growth; this client was able to book $2MM in revenues in the first year operations and sell the company within 18 months of incorporation resulting in a 500% return for shareholders.
  • Improved Cash Flow, Reduced Costs. Architected an online ordering system for a fulfillment company. Created business efficiency by reducing costs and streamlining operations. This reduced client phone calls via 800 number and fax in orders that were susceptible to costly order errors. Provided online reports for clients and reduced administrative hours required to service customers. Designed electronic billing format and this process reduced administrative time by 75%. In addition, this process achieved an improvement in cash flow as billing to invoice payment has also been reduced by another 30-45 days or more.
  • Opened New Market. Established an online marketplace for the golf industry. Individuals and companies can buy, sell and auction new and used golf equipment. Established relationships to sell new golf equipment and have merchandise drop-shipped to the customer.
  • Rapid Exponential Growth. Consulted with a medical company, instructing them in the branding of their business, the optimization (SEO) of their website and the strategy of PPC campaigns. As a startup business, they quickly grew to a 100 surgeries per month within 18 months and continually increased their advertising budget.
  • Legacy Business, Efficiencies. Enabled an insurance funding agency to provide data from a legacy back office accounting program to their clients via a web based user interface. Reducing administrative overhead and costs of customer service.
  • Startup Plans. Crafted an online image and strategy for a non-governmental organization (NGO), non-profit company; that assists them in delivering their marketing message and raising capital.

Industries and Applications

Shopping carts, content management systems, auctions, trading floors, online cinema, payment integrations, real estate w/mls integration, lead generation, email marketing, college rentals, residential rentals, job boards, manufacturer catalogs, travel, fulfillment center, b2b, b2c, Built-in SEO tools and features, large multi-database backoffice, large capacity including one project that delivers over 550,000 unique urls.

Skills & Competencies

  • Growth oriented strategist, develops strategic goals then defines and executes short term methods and programs that support long term strategy;
  • Innate ability to assess complex problems, crafting a high caliber team and driving the best plan to accomplish goals;
  • Unique blend of high technology, marketing and operational skills to lead organizational growth;
  • Capitalizes on the improved use and implementation of technology solutions that support business strategy;
  • Creates efficiencies in ordering, fulfillment, invoicing, CRM, and sales through technology utilization;
  • Expertise in software development, packaging, customer service and product life cycle;
  • Entrepreneurial talent in organizational design, startups, growth companies and turnarounds bringing rapid ROI to a project or company;
  • Strength in communication skills between managers/users and technical/development/support staff;

Professional Experience

InterNet Partners, Inc. - Dallas, Texas, 1995-Present [Website]
President, Strategic Business Growth and Marketing Consulting

Develops strategies to help businesses grow: connecting to new markets, retaining and re-engaging customers, driving repeat sales.

Created other entities, platforms and solutions including:

Internet Businesses

  • Chief architect of all technologies, brand strategies and online marketing efforts. Managed P&L and all financial aspects of an internet business and created successful products and platforms:
  • Business Opportunity Identification, Branding & Market Penetration. - The flagship site and the top search site for off campus housing for college and university students. Serves over 1800 schools in the U.S. and provides leads for apartment management, locators and other industry related businesses. Created online marketing strategy that delivers over 500,000 students to the CampusRent website annually. The portfolio included an additional 9 college related sites.
  • Rapid Development & Successful Niche Marketing Designed and Operated over 50 commercial, residential real estate and financial services web properties.
  • New Age Solutions & Business Efficiency. Sales Lead Management - Architected a complex lead management program enabling the timely push of leads to appropriate parties based on various criteria.

Created a business and architected an e-commerce platform and toolset that assisted developers and clients in creating auctions, trading floors and shopping carts.

  • Provided the expertise in the conceptualization, planning and implementation of a robust product - application platform. Released 3 full versions of the product and numerous point releases. Multiple platforms were supported including; Windows NT, 2000, Linux and Unix with MSSQL or Oracle databases. This was an object oriented source code license application that addressed many segments of e-commerce facilities needed for successful companies: transaction engine (business logic / models), content management, customer relationship management (CRM), wireless (WAP), accounting and legacy integration.
  • Commonly known in early releases as VirtualAuctioneer, sold licensees in various industries in North America and Europe.
  • Managed all day-to-day operations including sales management, product development and software development teams. Initiated strategies and coordinated marketing plans, trade shows, press releases and investor presentations.

Early Career

Owner, Independent Software Vendor / Developer (ISV), Consulting and VAR. Dallas, Texas 1986-1996.

Directed clients in achieving efficiencies and productivity through technology utilization. Created an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) and VAR (Value Added Reseller) to serve various business markets.

Consulting Division - The resale and installation of computers, networks and software, plus programming and services to many types of industries including retail, healthcare, legal, insurance, manufacturing.

Software Division - Software developer of 7 different software packages written in a 4GL and Relational Database engine. Supporting MS-DOS, Windows, Novell and Unix platforms; products included:

  • Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Check Writer, General Ledger;
  • THE Therapist; a billing and practice management system for physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics. Sold over 200 licenses nationwide and went through 7 full version releases as well as numerous point releases.

Conceptualized and capitalized this business. Managed all aspects of this business and sold it in 1996.

First Two Businesses (Co-Founder & COO), Dallas, Texas, 1985-1986.

  • Value Added Reseller (VAR) selling Point of Sale (POS) software and hardware solutions. Responsible for day-to-day operations, including all financial aspects of the company. Sold interest in business in 1986.
  • Peripherals supplies wholesale distributor. Responsible for day to day operations, including all financial aspects of the company. Sold interest in this business in 1986.

Fortune 500
Worked for two different Fortune 500 companies in sales and sales-management positions following graduation from college.

Professional Golfer
Participated in a number of professional golf tours, 1983-1986

University of Oklahoma, B.B.A. Majors: Management and Marketing


  • Branding and Identity
  • Technology Architectures
  • Marketing programs
  • Data Mining and Analysis
  • Product life cycle
  • Startups
  • Product Development
  • New Product Launch
  • Growth Strategies
  • Business Efficiencies
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Planning
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